Thursday, September 10, 2015

What I'm Looking For

As an Associate Editor with the new up and coming City Owl Press out of New York I'll be on the lookout for great adult fiction with romantic elements. I'm excited to be working with such a fantastic group of ladies to help make dreams come true.

A bit about City Owl: Based out of New York, City Owl Press was co-founded by the award winning authors, Tina Moss and Yelena Casale who together have more than a decade of business, writing, editing, design, marketing, advertising, and publishing experience. They have plans to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Entangled who began as a small press that launched authors onto the NY Times bestseller list, then merged with one of the Big 5, and the award winning Month 9 Books, but for adult genres. We are well on our way by scouting for amazing authors that we can launch onto the best seller lists. Please note: City Owl publishes adult books only.

A bit about what I'll be looking for: City Owl has a strong focus on romance, which I love. With that in mind, I'll be looking for great fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, steampunk, dystopian~all with romantic elements. That part is a must! The level of romantic element all depends on the story, as does the heat level. We publish all heat levels except for all out erotica (at this time). Strong, clean (grammar) writing, with great characters (who ARC), great world-building, and enough description to put me there, are what I look for in each manuscript. To break the sex part down, sex that moves the plot is fine, but it must not be the plot. 

In fantasy, I love epic but it has to be original, strong writing, and character driven. Write another sub-genre of fantasy? Try me.
In sci-fi, while I'll take hard sci-fi, it has to blow me away and must be character driven, 
In paranormal, I want something unique, not just your run of the mill vampire or werewolf story that has been told a million times over. Bring on the ghosts and other paranormals!  
In steampunk: send it to me, please for the love of steampunk, send it to me! No seriously, I love steampunk and it will always go to the top of my reading list, but it needs to be inventive, unique, and have strong world building. Outside of Victorian London is a plus because that's been done to death. But it doesn't mean a no, so send it!
In dystopian: Send it to me! I love dystopian almost as much as steampunk, the more original the better. Vampire and zombie apocalypses have been done to death, so if you have something different, I want to read it! But, like I mentioned before, it it's good enough, send it to me because those elements don't mean a no if the story is good enough. 
In Historical: I will look at a limited amount of historical so long as the setting or time in history catches my interest. Got a good strong romance set somewhere or sometime interesting? Send it my way. 

If your polished work matches any of the descriptions above, feel free to query me directly at:
hmccorkle (at) cityowlpress (dot) com. Please include a query and the first ten pages pasted into the body of the email. No attachments until I ask for them! Best of luck!

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