Saturday, August 12, 2017

Freelance Editing Services

My freelance work is separate from the work I do for publishers, and should not be considered a form of submission for publication.

Whether you are a writer wanting to polish your work to perfection to get it out of the slush pile and make agents and publishers take notice, or are an indie author preparing your book for publication, my editing services can help your novel make the best impression possible. 

Depending on the package you choose, my edits can include content, structure, and/or grammar. At competitive prices, I can give you the edge you need or polish that book for publication without breaking the bank.  I edit in Word's Track Changes so you can approve or deny the changes you want with ease. Need help on your query letter or back cover copy for your book, I offer those services as well. Click on my Editing button above to learn more about my editing services and see pricing.

Need an eye-catching book cover for your indie novel, or promotional images for your website and social media? I'm a graphic designer who has worked with award winning authors and publishers as well. You can check out my graphic design at my website, McCorkle Creations, or click on the Book Covers button above. Ready-made covers start at only $50, custom covers at only $100.

*My editing services do not guarantee an agent or publisher will request more or sign you, they only improve your odds and help you make a good impression with a manuscript polished above and beyond the normal slush pile submission.