Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Don't Wait On Your Muse

Many writers wait for the inspiration to hit them. Many feel it is when they write their best work. However, if you have the job from hell, your boss stresses you out, maybe your kids run you ragged all day long, you have a house to clean, errands to run and people to feed, then your muse may never want to awaken. At the end of the day you have no energy left at all, let alone feel up to inspiring thoughts. In other words, your stress has strangled your muse into submission.

So what do you do in a world that refuses to pause for you or give your muse a moment to come up for air? You fight for it. Treat your muse as one of those important people in your life that you must take care of, because after all they are important, they're you. Play music you love, watch one of your favorite shows when you get a chance, read a few pages of a book. You deserve a few moments of the day for yourself, even if that's all it is.

Carry a notepad or notebook everywhere you go so that if you get inspiration for even one sentence, you can write it down. The more you keep your book on your mind, the more inspired you'll get. When you go on break or when the kids are down for a nap, pull that notebook out. Try it, you might find your muse singing to you a lot more often! Think of your muse like a muscle. If you don't make it work and use it consistently, it will wither away.

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