I am currently CLOSED to unsolicited (unagented) submissions

Thank you to all who have submitted. The overwhelming response and my growing client list have made it necessary to close at this time. I am still going through my inbox, so no worries, if you submitted prior to this announcement, I will still read and respond to your query.

Before submitting, please check out my wish list (don't see your genre? Check out City Owl's website to see what our other editors are looking for) and genre lengths tab (if you are not spot on with the genre length don't worry, but you need to be close). Once you are sure your polished work is for me, follow the guidelines below:

Send along a query letter email with the word Query and the title of your manuscript in the subject line of the email. In your query, please be sure to state the genre and length of your manuscript. As it is often overlooked, I must reiterate that City Owl does not publish YA. Below your query (pasted into the body, NOT as an attachment) please put a short (1-2 page synopsis) and the first ten pages of your manuscript. 

Response times vary from a few hours to a few weeks on queries and a few weeks to a few months on full manuscript requests. I look forward to hearing from you!

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