I am currently OPEN to unagented/unsolicited queries.  I am primarily acquiring shorter adult novels for City Owl Press in the range of 48,000 to 68,000 words. I also acquire longer works that fall within the word counts listed on my Genre Lengths tab on a rare, case by case basis.

The genres I am acquiring are: paranormal romance, urban fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, magical realism romance (set in this world), speculative fiction romance, contemporary fantasy romance (set in this world), heat level of steamy to scorching. No series with the same main characters for the shorter novels, but tie-in novels set in the same 'world' with different main characters are encouraged. Series with the same main characters for longer novels that fall under my Genre Lengths preferences are considered.

The romance is very important. It cannot be a weak thread, it must be an integral part of the book. The heat level can be anywhere from steamy to scorching.

Before submitting, please check out my preferenceswish list. Don't see your genre? I may not be the right editor for you. But don't despair! Check out City Owl's website to see what our other editors are looking for. Once you are sure your polished work is for me, follow the guidelines below:

Please fill out every field, and do not forget to upload your synopsis and manuscript (yep, the entire manuscript). As it is often overlooked, I must reiterate that City Owl does not publish YA, and your novel must have romance in it. If it is not apparent already in the synopsis, be sure to touch on the romantic elements in your book. If you don't follow guidelines, the chances of a rejection go up 50%, at least. 

Response times vary from a few hours to a few weeks on queries and a few weeks to a few months on full manuscript requests. I look forward to hearing from you! SUBMIT HERE after reading my preferences.