I am currently closed to unagented/unsolicited queries.  However, if I favorited your #SFFpit pitch during January's Twitter pitch event, you may submit to me via THIS LINK

Agents, if you feel your client's book is right for me, feel free to submit! If you don't have my personal email address yet, submission details are HERE

Before submitting, please check out my preferenceswish list and genre lengths tab (if you are not spot on with the genre length don't worry, but you need to be close). Don't see your genre? I may not be the right editor for you. But don't despair! Check out City Owl's website to see what our other editors are looking for. Once you are sure your polished work is for me, follow the guidelines below:

Please fill out every field, and do not forget to upload your synopsis and manuscript (yep, the entire manuscript). As it is often overlooked, I must reiterate that City Owl does not publish YA, and your novel must have at least a little romance in it. If it is not apparent already in the synopsis, be sure to touch on the romantic elements in your book. If you don't follow guidelines, the chances of a rejection go up 50%, at least. 

Response times vary from a few hours to a few weeks on queries and a few weeks to a few months on full manuscript requests. I look forward to hearing from you!