City Owl

City Owl Press is a cutting edge indie publishing company, bringing the world of romance and speculative fiction to discerning readers. If you are looking to submit to City Owl Press, you've clicked the right page. I'm currently closed to un-agented submissions, however, many of our editors are open. Read on for more info about them.

Co-founded by award-winning authors, Yelena Casale and Tina Moss, the City Owl Press team brings together more than a decade of business, writing, editing, design, marketing, advertising, and publishing experience.

We believe every reader deserves:
  • Fresh dynamic stories at affordable prices.
  • Book variety and purchasing power. 
  • Opportunities to connect with authors. 

We believe every author deserves:
  • A fair and equitable partnership in publishing. 
  • Strong marketing and promotion for every book. 
  • Quality designer covers and rock solid editing. 
We believe in connecting every book with the right reader and every reader with the right book.

Now down to the nitty gritty.

A bit about us and what we offer our authors: We are not an advance paying publishing, sadly as many are not anymore. But, we offer 40% of net for sales, license, display, performance and all other distribution of all electronic versions (eBooks), including digital, translation, and audiobook formats and 25% royalties on net for all print formats. The royalties on electronic versions increase to 50% after 10,000 copies sold. As a forward thinking and Earth conscious publisher, we use a Print On Demand model that is distributed through Ingram to better maximize profit on printed books and ensure no books end up in landfills. We release in both eBook and trade paper back. Highly commercial novels may be released in hardback as well on a case by case basis (it is rare). 

City Owl Press is an up-and-coming, rapidly growing publishing house concentrating on all genres of romance and speculative fiction with romantic elements. We have a strong marketing strategy and our focus is on our authors and readers, and bringing the two together. When appropriate, we sometimes propose the use of Kindle Select as a marketing tool.

Part of our marketing strategy is special pre-publication mailings, national review coverage, national online advertising, digital newsletter promotion, extensive social media push, ARC reviews, and presence at conferences and special events. We also like our authors to be involved with marketing by having a social media presence and encourage them to offer their input on opportunities. We also welcome input and discussion on cover design, believing in a team approach with the author, however our marketing team will have the final say based on what they feel will best serve the book. 

Our authors do not EVER pay for any part of the publishing process. We are not a vanity press.